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My Services

1.       General Service:

Business Consultancy

      a. Cost Reduction

      b.  Resolve Business Problems

      c.  Communication with Suppliers

     d.  New contracts

     e.  Sale and Purchase of Businesses.


     2.       Premium Service:

                a.  Business Rates Reduction

                b.  Personal Licence

               c.  Premises Licence

               d.  Food Hygiene Certification

               e.  Planning Permissions



        3.       Insurance:

                  a.  Personal Insurance

                  b.  Shop Insurance

                  c.  Traders Insurance

                  d.  Land Lords Insurance


     4.      Communication:

               a.   Video Phones

               b.  Mobile Phones

               c.  Broad Band Internet

               d.  Telephone, TV and Broad Band Package


      5.       IT Services:

                a.  Data Entry

                b.  Domain Name Registration

               c.  Website creation

               d.  E-Commerce Site Creation

               e.  Website Hosting & Maintenance

                f.  Video Creation

        6.    Marketing

                a.  Internet Marketing

                b.  Mobile Marketing



      7.  Property Development:

            a.   Research Local and International Properties

            b.  Arrange Mortgages

            c.  Land Lords Insurance


      8.    Trainings:

              a.  Internet Marketing

              b.  Website Creation

              c.  Word Press

              d.  Food & Hygiene

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